Nike Presents Da Da Ding With Deepika Padukone!

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If you haven’t seen this Indian Nike commercial, you really have to. It is such a must watch! The visuals, the song, the powerful and fit ladies, it all comes together so perfectly! Read more about all the girls in the video here. Watch this v [Read story...]

Phil Heath, The Legacy | Bodybuilding Motivation!

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One of the greats in bodybuilding and 6 time Mr Olympia, “The Gift” Phil Heath. Check out this great video of him to get you motivated right now! Watch this video on YouTube. The post Phil Heath, The Legacy | Bodybuilding Motivation! [Read story...]

100 Days With No Fear. You To Can Do It!

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“Fear prevents us from living life to the fullest. Through her experience facing 100 fears, Michelle Poler learned how we deal with fear, the types of fears we face in life, and the process through which we are able to manage the anxieties and [Read story...]