Africa’s 5 Busiest Airports

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Recently, flights to and from Africa have been increasing for various reasons such as the growing number of Africans living abroad, and the tempting business and tourism opportunities that the continent has to offer. As a result, some African airport [Read story...]

7 Epic Safari Cruise Destinations in Africa

The unique ecosystems along Africa’s great rivers are home to a staggering array of wildlife, impressive ancient cities, and temples, as well as fascinating tribes and cultures that flourished on their banks. A great alternative to a traditional s [Read story...]

Rwanda: The Country of a Thousand Hills

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In April 1994, as the world’s media was focusing its attention on the election of Nelson Mandela, and the end of South Africa’s apartheid, something terrible was happening in Rwanda. This tiny East African country, with a population of approxima [Read story...]

7 Days in Nigeria

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I have ever been enchanted by my father’s narration about his visit to Nigeria. I feel that my soul is captured somewhere there as I was dreaming all the time of traveling there and take a round. My Dad had worked in Nigeria for a period of time a [Read story...]

Let’s Go to Namibia

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Namibia is a large and sparsely-populated country located in South Western Africa. It is home to just over 2 million people, including the notable Himba Tribe, who are well-known for their ochre-coloured dreadlocks. Namibia was home to the San, Dama [Read story...]

Top 10 Travel News

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 10 Markets Off the Beaten Path in Cape Town When visiting the city of Cape Town, there are some obvious tourist attractions to visit.  However, there are also some great treasures to be discovered amongst some of the local, off the beaten path, M [Read story...]

Mozambique: More than a Tropical Paradise

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There’s an extraordinary diversity of places in Africa to spice up your travel bucket list. One of the continent’s underrated gems is Mozambique, boasting long stretches of exotic beaches, exceptional cuisine, and many other enchanting tourist a [Read story...]

Visual Adventure: Kenya

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With its vast savannas, intriguing tribal culture and rich wildlife, Kenya is the East Africa that many dream of. The country stretches from the arid grasslands of Masai Mara to the misty lakes of Nakuru and the looming peak of Mount Meru. On a recen [Read story...]

The Blog Awakes, This Time in Cape Town

Regular readers will have noticed that the blog has been quite sleepy over the past 6-8 weeks. The reason behind this drowsiness is that the blog (or the author), has changed it’s base from California to Cape Town (with a four week de-tour in Norwa [Read story...]