Toxic masculinity and the spread of HIV in Uganda

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In Uganda, HIV prevalence is four times higher among young women than young men. Yusuf Byaruhanga and Israel Bendaki, members of the HIV “positive living group” in Kampala. Credit: Alice McCool. In an informal settlement in central Kampal [Read story...]

Cameroon’s ghost president

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How Paul Biya has held onto power for over 35 years despite spending much of it abroad. President Paul Biya’s lack of decision-making and direction is part and parcel of his political strategy, according to analysts. On the podium for the World [Read story...]

Ethiopia: A nation in need of a new story

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The kings told a story. Meles told a story. Abiy needs to tell one too. Ethiopian flags at a celebration in Addis Ababa. At the end of Zagwe dynasty around the 14th century, medieval Ethiopia was in disarray. Provincial warlords were battling for sup [Read story...]

This is Afrofuturism

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Afrofuturism reimagines the past and envisions what can be. If fact follows fiction, the future will belong to Africa and our storytellers.   Clockwise from top left: Sanford Bigger’s “Bam”; a bodypainting work by Laolu Senbanjo; [Read story...]

Amid silence, atrocities in Darfur have restarted

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Witnesses say that following clashes with armed rebels, pro-government militias have embarked on a military campaign against civilians. A group of Darfuris prepare to take part in a camel race. Credit: Amin Ismael. UNAMID. The 14-year conflict in Da [Read story...]