Looking forward, companies will do more with security

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Looking forward, companies will do more with security. Current trends predict that companies do more with their security solutions than just secure their people, assets or data in the near future. Security solutions are providing critical links to d [Read story...]

Digital transformation does not happen haphazardly

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Digital transformation does not happen haphazardly says Charl Ueckermann, CEO at AVeS Cyber Security. (image: Shutterstock) South African businesses, like millions worldwide are embracing digital technologies with fervor. They bring seemingly endless [Read story...]

Sage launches product for small business builders

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Sage releases Sage 50c for small business builders. (Source: Sage) Sage, the market leader in cloud accounting software, has today launched Sage 50c –  the launch is a part of Sage’s continuing mission to help Small & Medium Businesses access [Read story...]

Gmail phishing: what to look out for

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Gmail phishing, the latest scam to hit the internet. (Source: Forbes) This sophisticated new Gmail phishing scam shows that the more savvy criminals are reacting to defence techniques and evolving their strategies to outpace them. The scam specifical [Read story...]

Top Android security & privacy Apps for 2017

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All digital devices, if unprotected, become one of the easiest data breach targets for an average hacker. 2016 has been the toughest year ever in online security, with multiple big-scale hacks throughout the year. To name just a few famous incidents [Read story...]

Ghana: Cyber crime thrives as unemployment soares

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Cybercrime in Ghana is increase as the number of unemployed youth take advantage of unsuspecting people online. (image credit: The youth in Ghana have resorted to using fake online identities to make a living, this is accordin [Read story...]