The Insiders’ Newsletter #2 [free preview]

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Cambridge Analytica, Jacob Zuma, the arms trade, and the resignation of Africa’s only female head of state. Welcome to the 2nd free edition of African Arguments’ Insiders’ Newsletter! And a special thank you for all those who alread [Read story...]

US intervention in Kenya? No thanks.

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The suggestion the US should intervene is based on half-truths and is an affront to sovereignty, argues Kenya’s Principal Secretary for Foreign Affairs. Ambassador Macharia Kamau. Credit: IDLO. That Mark Bellamy and Johnnie Carson are accompl [Read story...]

The Burundi peace talks are all wrong

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Not only has the latest round of peace negotiations failed. It has also fundamentally misdiagnosed the problem in the first place. Burundi’s crisis began in April 2015 when President Nkurunziza announced his bid for a third term. Credit: PNUD B [Read story...]

Macron and the Maghreb

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Relations with North Africa may not be a priority for France’s new president, but they should be. The election of France’s new president Emmanuel Macron. was welcomed by many African leaders Credit: Jeso Carneiro. As France’s presidenti [Read story...]

Amid silence, atrocities in Darfur have restarted

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Witnesses say that following clashes with armed rebels, pro-government militias have embarked on a military campaign against civilians. A group of Darfuris prepare to take part in a camel race. Credit: Amin Ismael. UNAMID. The 14-year conflict in Da [Read story...]