US intervention in Kenya? No thanks.

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The suggestion the US should intervene is based on half-truths and is an affront to sovereignty, argues Kenya’s Principal Secretary for Foreign Affairs. Ambassador Macharia Kamau. Credit: IDLO. That Mark Bellamy and Johnnie Carson are accompl [Read story...]

Meet some of the men redefining masculinity in Kenya

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While a crisis of masculinity is being witnessed the world over, it looks different in every region. In Kenya, a heady mix of influences – from urbanisation to religion, unemployment to gender development initiatives – are changing the face of wh [Read story...]

There’s Nothing Dark About This Kenyan Town

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Lodwar is a special place. The capital of Turkana County, which is also known as the cradle of humankind, it is the warmest town in Kenya with a temperature average of 29 degrees Celsius per year. It is one of the sunniest places in the world, recei [Read story...]

#3 – No Place To Hide For Corrupt Kenyan Official

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The head of Kenya’s swimming federation, Ben Ekumbo, was reportedly found hiding under a bed before being arrested as part of the country’s inquiry into missing money and equipment following Rio 2016. Read More >> Source: The Guardian [Read story...]

A Place to Watch Flamingos by the Millions

You may have seen this on TV; a place where thousands of thousands, sometimes millions, of bright pink flamingos gather in a great spectacle on one single lake. Well, the lake exists in real life, and you can go see it! [Read story...]

Felix Limo announces international retirement

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Felix Limo at home in his tea plantation in KenyaHulst, The Netherlands – The well-known Kenyan distance runner Felix Limo announced his international retirement on Thursday, after a top-level career that spanned more than a decade.Now 32, Limo first [Read story...]

Kenya & Rwanda Digital Photo Safari – September 2011

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In September 2011, Andy Biggs and James Weis will lead a private group of photographers to Kenya and Rwanda. The safari will focus on photographing the critically endangered mountain gorillas of Rwanda and the amazing array of predators and herds in [Read story...]