Life-style diseases: Africa needs new technologies

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The African continent is characterised by a population in the process of transition. As more and more people experience a change in lifestyle, embracing the Western way of life as opposed to more traditional customs, so too are they more exposed to [Read story...]

Life is on for Gwakwani Village

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For a community in deep rural Limpopo, a successful and on-going partnership between the University of Johannesburg’s (UJ) Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Science (Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment) and Schneider [Read story...]

Firm launches digital Taxi and Mail system in Kenya  

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By George Okore A Kenyan firm Dingah Logistics Company Ltd, has launched the first ever digital system in Kenya that will revolutionise the local taxi industry. According to Chief Executive Steven O. Omolo, the newly launched Dingah Lift system targe [Read story...]

Kenya’s Startup to Compete for Global Competition

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By George Okore Kenya’s innovative firm Sanivation has emerged among the top 30 start ups from across the world to be a finalist of a global search to find and support the next generation of start-ups that want to succeed while creating a better f [Read story...]

Which way for Africa’s farming?

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That Africa needs to up its food yields is in no doubt. What is in doubt however is the means of achieving this? There have been many ways and methods being suggested. Find out what the Organic Farmer thinks is the way out….Read more [Read story...]