Digital transformation driving new business models

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Dr. Gilbert Saggia, new Managing Director in East Africa, SAP Africa. From the time the first state-run courier was established by Roman Emperor Augustus in the first century AD, global postal services have slowly evolved: the first postage stamps, [Read story...]

Moving to a paperless business

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Monique Williams, Hyland Southern Africa Regional Manager. Information, particularly the careful control and management of it, has always been at the heart of running an efficient and successful business. Yet while the move from paper-based commerce [Read story...]

Customer-centric customer service tech for SMEs

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Wynand Smit is CEO of INOVO, a leading contact centre business solutions provide. SMEs make up 40 per cent of businesses operating in South Africa, and, as many are business owners, they’re even more acutely aware of the need to provide engagement [Read story...]

The rise of the remote workforce

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Viesturs Zalaiskalns, HansaWorld South Channel Manager. With the rise of broadband technology and a global move towards the pursuit of a healthy work/life balance, the number of employees working remotely has increased exponentially over the past cou [Read story...]

Just how seriously should you take digitisation?

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Rick Parry, Chairman & CEO, AIGS. Today’s business environment is constantly being disrupted by new market entrants using innovative technology. There are the usual headline examples: The Uber app coordinates citizen drivers in a fleet-less tax [Read story...]

7 Most Read Stories of the Week

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South Africa: MTN offers airtime and data jackpot on Black Friday New and existing MTN subscribers are in for an airtime and data bonanza when they either purchase a 3G, LTE device, or sign up or upgrade for a 24 months MTN contract on Black Friday, [Read story...]