Starting A Personal Training Career

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Personal training is a dream career for many fitness enthusiasts, but it can also be a financially wise option, with an average salary of nearly $60,000. However, it can be hard to know where to start, especially if your background is in a completely [Read story...]

Gymnastics Meets Bodybuilding! By Nile Wilson

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Nile Wilson is a competitive gymnast from the UK and has a cool Youtube channel with a whole variety of gymnastics videos. In this video he gets a bodybuilder to give gymnastics a go, while he also puts in some time in the gym… A post shared by [Read story...]

Back And Abs Training With Louise Du Preez!

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Name: Louise du preez Age: 26 Height: 1.55 m Competition weight: 49 kg Back Favourite exercises to target the back for width? Lat pull downs or wide pull ups. Favourite exercises to target the back for thickness and muscle? Rows or different grip pul [Read story...]

Avital Cohen Motivation! Pictures And Training Clips

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Avital Cohen is an Israeli fitness model, with a positive attitude and such a captivating smile! She shares many different exercises that she does on her Instagram. Have a look at some of them below: A post shared by ‏ ???‍♀️AVITAL COHEN (@av [Read story...]

One On One With WBFF Pro, Matthew Larkins

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Name: Matthew Larkins Age: 25 Height: 1,84 m Current weight: 87 kgs Current city: Johannesburg, South Africa Occupation: Attorney Tell us a bit about growing up and what you had to go through with your open heart surgery? I was very active growing up [Read story...]

Shoulder Training And Tips With Hayley T-Rex Wright

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Name: Hayley T-Rex Wright Age: 33 Height: 1,72 m Current weight: 60 kgs Current city: Kloof, Durban, South Africa Read Hayley’s Full interview here! I love training shoulders. They used to be my weakest point by far so I’ve learned to love tr [Read story...]

Gymshark Athlete, Hanna Oeberg Motivation

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The motivational Gymshark Athlete, Hanna Oeberg is an incredible athlete who has put in a lot of work with her physique, as you can tell from her pictures below. You can also check her out on on Youtube for more motivation! A video posted by ?FITNE [Read story...]

Jay Cutler, The RISE | Bodybuilding Motivation

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A great bodybuilder and Mr Olympia, Jay Cutler says it how it is and lets his actions do the talking. Check out this great video of him to get you motivated right now! Watch this video on YouTube. The post Jay Cutler, The RISE | Bodybuilding Motivati [Read story...]