Funding Skills Development in South Africa


There’s a major drive in South Africa to economically empower the previously disadvantaged majority. Skills development is one of the ways the government is equipping the millions of people who are underprivileged with training so they can be acti [Read story...]

Opportunity Africa: Predictions for Future Growth

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The African Development Bank estimates that 55% of sub-Saharan Africa’s economic activity is informal. That’s a massive commercial space without such services as business enterprise software, small business banking, affordable third-party logi [Read story...]

How to Build a Sustainable Business

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You’ve likely heard of business “going green.” From installing solar panels on rooftops, utilising recycling bins, and switching off lights after hours, there are a number of ways both employers and employees can adjust their behaviour to oper [Read story...]

Tunisia: A New Frontier for African Startups

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“Tunisia is emerging as the next eHealth hub and may just give Kenya and South Africa a run for its money.” By Sunita Menon It’s the age of the startup, and the business-savvy are identifying local solutions to global problems. The next big th [Read story...]

Tanzania SMEs go for new technique

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Small and Medium Enterprises in Tanzania are set for a major boost following an adoption of Kaizen, a Japanese cluster based development strategy for SMEs. Deputy Minister for Finance, Ms Janeth Mbene The Deputy Minister for Industry and Trade, Ms J [Read story...]

Uganda: Grading hotels to start next month

The Government has allocated funds to grade hotels. This will act as a mark of quality that consumers will rely on. The classification ranges from one to five star. In this case, Five Star will denote top of the range. This was revealed during a ref [Read story...]