Everything You Need to Know About Lifetime Fitness

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An increasing number of people are working out in order to control their weight, improve their overall health, and reduce stress. While you can work out at home, there are a number of advantages to joining a fitness center. However, not just any fitn [Read story...]

Leg Training And Tips By Elena Soboleva

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Name: Elena Soboleva Age: 27 Height: 5’1 Competition weight: 118’ Favourite exercises to target the booty? Hip thrust. Favourite exercise to target the quads? Leg extensions with slow tempo. Favourite exercise to target the hamstrings? Deadlifts, [Read story...]

One On One With WBFF Pro, Matthew Larkins

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Name: Matthew Larkins Age: 25 Height: 1,84 m Current weight: 87 kgs Current city: Johannesburg, South Africa Occupation: Attorney Tell us a bit about growing up and what you had to go through with your open heart surgery? I was very active growing up [Read story...]