The 5 Busiest Cities in Africa

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Working in the big city and joining the rat race is a dream for anyone who wants to take themselves out of a life of poverty. In the past few decades, African cities have been growing exponentially, as people move into urban areas for work and play. [Read story...]

Africa’s 5 Busiest Airports

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Recently, flights to and from Africa have been increasing for various reasons such as the growing number of Africans living abroad, and the tempting business and tourism opportunities that the continent has to offer. As a result, some African airport [Read story...]

A Call for Aid and Peace in South Sudan

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South Sudanese refugee new arrivals wait in the registration tent at the Imvepi Refugee Settlement in Arua, northern Uganda. Credit: UNHCR/Georgina Goodwin As South Sudan quickly becomes Africa’s largest refugee and humanitarian crisis, the world [Read story...]

Opportunity Africa: Predictions for Future Growth

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The African Development Bank estimates that 55% of sub-Saharan Africa’s economic activity is informal. That’s a massive commercial space without such services as business enterprise software, small business banking, affordable third-party logi [Read story...]

The Importance of E-learning for Africa

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Some fear that e-learning will erode African knowledge. This isn’t true. E-learning is important for Africa, but critics have their doubts. James Njenga, University of the Western Cape When people discuss the challenges related to e-learning (t [Read story...]

Why Tunisians Are Back On The Streets

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Mass demonstrations in Tunisia after its government announced austerity measures. Youssef Boudlal/Reuters Seven years after the Jasmine Revolution John Filitz, University of the Witwatersrand Seven years ago in January a popular uprising in Tunisia [Read story...]

Top 10 Lifestyle News

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06 JANUARY 2018 Stay smart about Africa      Obama Picks Song by West African All-Female Band As he did while in the White House, former President Barack Obama released his picks for the best music of the past year, and West Africa’s Les [Read story...]

Elections In Africa: Through The Observer’s Eyes

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Several African countries will hold elections this year, the most anticipated being Kenya and Angola. As usual, the African union and the international community call for ‘free and fair’ elections. However, this comes with challenges; for example [Read story...]

5 Things To Know About The Gambia Independence Day

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The Gambia, officially the Republic of the Gambia, is the smallest country in Africa.  Situated in West Africa, the Gambia is almost entirely surrounded by Senegal, except for its coastline running at its western end on the Atlantic Ocean. Banjul i [Read story...]

Trending: The Cassper Nyovest Challenge

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The latest viral craze to hit African social media is the #CassperNyovestChallenge, also known as the #NyovestChallenge. Sparked by South African rapper Cassper Nyovest posing with his two Bentleys while en route to his hometown Mafikeng in South Afr [Read story...]

Death by Hippo

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I once knew a girl who collected all things Hippopotamus. They are so cute, she would tell me. Maybe a baby hippo is cute; but then again practically all babies are cute. When you are in the water with these two ton Tessies though there is nothing cu [Read story...]

Last Day Dogs – Wild Dogs that is!

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In the three weeks I had been in Kruger I saw more amazing animals than I could have asked for. The only thing – and it was a selfish thought – still on my list for my last day in the park as I left Olifants camp that early November morning in 2013 [Read story...]

The Paris of Africa: How Cape Town Surprised Me

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Before visiting South Africa for the first time, I will admit that I was a bit apprehensive about it. The country had been painted in a way that advised me to use caution while travelling there. However, this drove me to get there and experience it f [Read story...]

A Traveller’s History of South Africa

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Before you go to South Africa (or anywhere for that matter), it is a good idea to get to know some of the basics about the history of the country. Here is a very brief overview of some of the important dates and events in the history of South Africa. [Read story...]

The Big Five Animals of Africa

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Anyone who has gone on an African safari has heard of the “Big 5”. Initially created by hunters to describe the five most difficult creatures to stalk on foot,the term was adopted over time by safari operators for promotional purposes. While the [Read story...]

Travel to Africa is the New Trend – Be part of it..

If you like it or not, Africa is about to become the new trendy travel destination. According to the latest rumor from the World Tourism Organization, Africa is receiving a boom of tourists, while the rest of the world is experiencing the opposite. I [Read story...]