How To Lose Fat And Get Lean On A Vegan Diet | Part 2

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In case you missed it, in a previous post (Part 1) I talked about some of the background, my diet, what I ate and how I manipulated my calories as well as the overall strategy that I used to get photo shoot/competition ready on a vegan diet. In this [Read story...]

Leg Training And Tips With Tarryn Zelow

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Name: Tarryn Zelow Age: 27 Height: 1,63 m How often do you train your legs and do you train everything on one day or split them up? Twice a week, I split them up and do Quads alone and Hammies and glutes together. What are your 3 best go to Quad/thig [Read story...]

Gymshark Athlete, Hanna Oeberg Motivation

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The motivational Gymshark Athlete, Hanna Oeberg is an incredible athlete who has put in a lot of work with her physique, as you can tell from her pictures below. You can also check her out on on Youtube for more motivation! A video posted by ?FITNE [Read story...]

Legs And Abs Training With Zinhle Masango!

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Name: Zinhle Masango Age: 24 Height: 1.64 m Current weight: 68 kg Current city: Kempton Park, South Africa Occupation: Online coach Read Zinhle’s Full interview! Legs: What are your 3 best go to Quad/thigh exercises? Squats Leg extensions Leg p [Read story...]