Johannesburg: The Big Seven

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Are you planning a trip to Johannesburg this winter and not quite sure what you should include as part of your itinerary? Here are a few suggestions to help make sure you don't miss out on any 'must have' experiences: The Apartheid Museu [Read story...]

Eight Ways You Should Experience Namibia

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Did you know that Namibia is the second least densely populated country on earth? If you’re keen on avoiding the crowds, here are 8 things you need to know about Namibia safaris: Self-drive safaris are the way to go A self-drive Namibia safari [Read story...]

New Cases of Ebola Prompt Vaccinations in Congo

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Congo will begin administering an experimental Ebola vaccine Monday in Mbandaka, the northwestern city of 1.2 million where the deadly disease has infected some residents, Congo’s health minister announced. “The vaccination campaign begin [Read story...]

A Whole New World for Black Artists

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When Alice Gbelia was looking for interior design inspiration for her new home she struggled to find an outlet in which to buy the kind of artwork she was looking for: something that reflected her African heritage and love for black pop culture. The [Read story...] Top10 News

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African Migrants Have Changed Course Dozens of African migrants found drifting aboard a vessel in the northern coast of Brazil have been rescued. The migrants are believed to be from Senegal, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Cape Verde. Continue Reading A [Read story...]

The Lesser-Known Route 62

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Route 62 lies between Oudtshoorn and Cape Town in South Africa and is among the world's best destinations for road trips. It has easily accessible towns lying along a valley and offering plenty of discovery opportunities. If you’re looking [Read story...]

The 5 Busiest Cities in Africa

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Working in the big city and joining the rat race is a dream for anyone who wants to take themselves out of a life of poverty. In the past few decades, African cities have been growing exponentially, as people move into urban areas for work and play. [Read story...] Top10 Lifestyle & Travel News

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See Angelique Kidjo’s Video for ‘Once in a LIfetime’ Cover     As part of a complete remake of the Talking Heads’ 1980 album ‘Remain in Light,’ Angelique Kidjo releases the video for ‘Once in a Lifetime.& [Read story...]

Africa’s 5 Busiest Airports

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Recently, flights to and from Africa have been increasing for various reasons such as the growing number of Africans living abroad, and the tempting business and tourism opportunities that the continent has to offer. As a result, some African airport [Read story...]

Upstream West Africa Summit 2018 #USWA18

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“Developing the Deepwater Hydrocarbon Potential of West Africa’s E&P Hotspot” The Upstream West Africa Summit separates itself from traditional conferences and exhibitions. There are no booths or exhibition halls at our summit. We focus o [Read story...]

Africa Innovation Summit II

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The Africa Innovation Summit (AIS II), which will take place from 6-8 June 2018 in Kigali, Rwanda, under the esteemed patronage of His Excellences President Paul Kagame and Pedro Pires (ex-President of Cabo Verde), announced a call for applications t [Read story...]

5 black ballet dancers you need to fix your eyes on

Black ballet dancers are not widely spoken about.  Most of the genres of dancing which feature women of color are the mainstream ones we see on social media and on our television sets.  The following ballet dancers dare to be great in a world wher [Read story...]

Seven Cool Places to Visit in Port Elizabeth

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Port Elizabeth sits at the eastern tip of the famous Garden Route, making it the ideal start or end to an epic South African road trip. With its unspoiled beaches, rolling sand dunes and warm Indian Ocean, Port Elizabeth is heaven on earth for natur [Read story...]

7 Epic Safari Cruise Destinations in Africa

The unique ecosystems along Africa’s great rivers are home to a staggering array of wildlife, impressive ancient cities, and temples, as well as fascinating tribes and cultures that flourished on their banks. A great alternative to a traditional s [Read story...]

5 Things That Tell You He’s Not The One

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A cohesive and healthy relationship is what everyone dreams of. You support one another, have each other’s back through thick and thin, and are able to bounce back from challenges because you BOTH want to be in one another’s lives. Nonetheless, [Read story...]

The Alphabet of Being An African Content Creator


by William Jackson, M.Ed. My Quest To Teach – #MyQuestToTeach “African’s must accept and embrace they are valuable content creators and have a voice that should be heard on a global digital scale.” William Jackson, M.Ed. 2018 [Read story...]

MIT Africa Innovate Conference, April 7th


Tickets are selling out fast for the 2018 MIT Africa Innovate Conference this Saturday, April 7th at the MIT Media Lab. Get your ticket today! We are offering a special discount that can be redeemed by entering ‘2018FriendsOfAICSpecial’ at checko [Read story...]

Anelisa Mangcu ‘Why Black Excellence Matters’

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Question: Black and African history has been distorted and re-written over centuries. What can be done to rectify this and restore lost glory and pride? Answer: The first step in rectifying African history and the glory and pride of its indigenous [Read story...]

Cape Town: Backpackers Paradise

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Are you in and out of Cape Town or planning a holiday in South Africa and looking for the perfect temporary accomodation in the Mother City? Cape Town is backpackers paradise. We’ve selected some of the city’s most popular backpacker cho [Read story...]

Top Five Burger Joints in Johannesburg

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Johannesburg is a city of many attractions. It boasts some of the most colorful tourist destinations, great cultural diversity and amazing culinary delights. Burgers, which are offered by numerous restaurants and eateries are especially popular with [Read story...]

5 Things to Do in Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe is a stunning African country, with lush national parks, stunning rivers and waterfalls, diverse wildlife and so much more. There are a million things you can do in Zimbabwe, but we’re only going to take a look at 5 of them. If you’re [Read story...]

Africa Security Symposium Kenya


Building on previous successes,GRV Global’s Africa Security Symposium East and Sub Saharan is now in its fourth year,taking place in Nairobi, Kenya on 30th – 31st May 2018 and Chaired by Major GeneralArnold Fields, U.S. Marine Corps (RET) from th [Read story...]

Morocco Competes to Host FIFA World Cup 2026

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On June 13th, the name of the host country(s) of the 2026 World Cup will be announced by the International Football Association FIFA. Morocco’s candidacy for the organisation of the 2026 World Cup was officially presented in March. All of the [Read story...]

Six Places You Have to Visit Along the Sunshine Coast

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This area of South Africa is known for receiving the most sunshine and its abundance of natural beauty and beaches make it one of the most visited regions of the country. From beautiful coastal towns to nature reserves and wildlife, the ‘sunsh [Read story...]

Five Great Places to Slack-pack in South Africa

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Imagine going on your favorite hiking trails and all you had to pack was enough food and water for the day, the right type of attire for the hike and respect for the environment. At the end of each day you’re met with a warm bed, a freshly pre [Read story...]