The future of property technology

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Five technologies that are laying the groundwork for property innovation in the coming years. The opportunities of the internet are set to open many doors for estate agents to think outside the box when selling property. As technology continues to d [Read story...]

Top women execs join Zoona board

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Top women execs join Zoona board Zoona, today announced two new non-executive board members to help steer the company’s strategic direction as it braces for growth in 2018 and beyond. The new Board Members are Shirley Maltz, Group Chief Executive [Read story...]

How assistive technology is changing special education

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How assistive technology is changing special education.(Image Source: ). Special education primarily consists of a variety of educational services that address the individual differences and needs of students with physical or mental disabilities, as [Read story...]

Apple music introduces music video streaming section

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Apple music introduces music video streaming section. Apple Music has launched a music video-watching section where subscribers can stream their favourite videos. Fans can watch new and exclusive music videos, curated music video playlists, never be [Read story...]

Looking forward, companies will do more with security

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Looking forward, companies will do more with security. Current trends predict that companies do more with their security solutions than just secure their people, assets or data in the near future. Security solutions are providing critical links to d [Read story...]

Five accounting habits to break for any small business

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Five accounting habits to break for any small business. When you first started your business, you probably didn’t anticipate how much time it would take to balance your books and manage your cash flow – a major stumbling block for most small bus [Read story...]

Why the time is ripe for wearables in the enterprise

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Ronald Ravel, Director B2B South Africa, Toshiba South Africa. The idea of integrating wearable technology into enterprise IT infrastructure is one which, while being mooted for several years now, has yet to take-off in earnest. The reasons behind p [Read story...]

Digital transformation driving new business models

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Dr. Gilbert Saggia, new Managing Director in East Africa, SAP Africa. From the time the first state-run courier was established by Roman Emperor Augustus in the first century AD, global postal services have slowly evolved: the first postage stamps, [Read story...]

First of its kind cyber insurance launched in Africa

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Get cyber insurance for your mobile through Mycybercare and The Foschini Group. On Tuesday 6 February 2018, The Foschini Group (TFG) announced a partnership with cyber insurance company, Mycybercare, which will see customers buying mobile phones fro [Read story...]

Significant business trends that will shake up 2018

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Ralph Berndt, Director, Sales at Syrex. When it is broken down into its blandest, the New Year is just the beginning of another month. It isn’t a seismic shift in anything other than perception. Unless you’re a business with a vision. Then the s [Read story...]

South African top Google searches this week

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South African top Google searches this week. South Africans generally tend to search for topics related to sports and news, and this week was no different. Some of the most searched topics this week in South Africa included the death of a musical le [Read story...]

Using cyber intelligence to catch cybercriminals

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Using cyber intelligence to catch cybercriminals. (Image Source: ). The story of a local bank being taken for R300 million by cyber criminals who had 100 people withdrawing money from ATMs in Japan made the headlines. But South African companies, un [Read story...]

IT News Africa: Top Stories Of The Week

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IT News Africa: Top Stories Of The Week As millions around the world have begun getting over the festive rush and are heading back to work, technology related stories have yet again graced the headlines. This past week, both YouTube and Facebook rev [Read story...]

The ‘cyber’ opportunity for insurance brokers

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Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of Intact Software Distribution. Insurance brokers hoping to differentiate themselves in the marketplace should look to cyber security as a great opportunity. The global annual spend on cyber insurance has skyrocketed over [Read story...]

Moving to a paperless business

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Monique Williams, Hyland Southern Africa Regional Manager. Information, particularly the careful control and management of it, has always been at the heart of running an efficient and successful business. Yet while the move from paper-based commerce [Read story...]

Ford to invest USD $11 billion into electric cars

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Ford to invest $11 billion into electric cars. According to a report by BBC, American automobile manufacturers, Ford, has revealed that it will increase its investment in electric vehicles to $11bn (£8bn) in the next five years, by doing so the com [Read story...]

Samsung Galaxy S9 specifications leaked online

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Samsung Galaxy S9 (Image Source: Forbes) After the final design of the Samsung Galaxy S9 was leaked online, a report by Forbes revealed that another leak has followed. This time, the most significant features of Samsung’s latest flagship device have [Read story...]